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Energy Management: The final step is to select an ongoing Energy management plan that provides you peace of mind and puts an energy ‘Guardian Angel’ on your shoulder to ensure your energy is always there when you need it and runs smoothly.

Energy Measurement: The first step in reducing your energy costs and going off grid is to understand completely how much energy you use and what it costs.

Energy Control: The fifth step is to automate your use of energy on your site by installing software that allows you to control your equipment via phone/ipad or any other internet connected device.

Energy Demand: The second step is to reduce your energy usage as much as you can by installing energy efficient equipment.

Energy Storage: The fourth step is to calculate how much energy storage you require so that you can cut the grid and never run out of energy.

Energy Supply: The third step is to calculate how much energy you can supply to yourself and match up the required solar system for your site.


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